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The players’ strategy to fun

Gambling is a fun way to get out of the house for some excitement and thrills. It’s also a great way to spend some time with friends. It’s like an amusement park, with all the sounds, lights and entertainment waiting around every corner. But you wouldn’t take on the biggest and best amusement park without a little bit of planning and a game plan, now would you? Gambling at a casino is really no different and here a few things to consider before you go:

1. Make it social

Gambling is way more fun  with friends or family. Take turns choosing the next game or machine, grab a bite and share a few laughs. You’ll be even more happy when you go home and haven’t broken the bank.

2. Take a load off

So many casinos have great restaurants and entertaining shows, and some are located in really nice spots in cities or on the water. Taking breaks from gambling by exploring your surroundings is a great way to see more and do more fun and interesting things.

3. Know when to fold’em

Losing money is never fun. But it’s even worse when you lose money that you need to live your life. The longer time you spend gambling, the more likely you are to lose, that’s just how the game goes. Everyone may win once in a while but thinking your next bet could be the big one makes it hard to stop. At least if you’re playing with money that you’ve set aside for entertainment, you won’t feel totally disappointed because you don’t have as much riding on the game. 

4. Nurture other hobbies

If you notice yourself wanting to gamble more and more, you might want to consider nurturing some of your other interests. Maybe you used to play volleyball, or you bought a guitar but never really learned how to play. Diving into a new or re-discovered interest often takes on a life of its own—you may find yourself doing the new hobby when you used to be gambling. The bonus is that when you do choose to gamble, it will feel more special and you’re more likely enjoy it. 

5. Know the games

When you gamble, you’re playing with real money, so wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to play before you sit down? Knowing what you’re doing is empowering, and makes the experience way more fun. It also means, in some games, you have a bit more control over the results, because you know what moves to make to improve your odds. Of course, keep in mind that randomness still has a big impact on what happens when you gamble, and house advantage means that even if you’re an expert, you’re likely to lose over time.

6. Set a time limit

A time limit? How is that fun?! Simple. Sometimes when we gamble, it’s hard to know when to stop. It can be a bit stressful. There’s no clear end to the games, since the dealers just deal another hand, and the slot machines don’t shut off. Set a timer on your phone so there’s no question. When the alarm goes off, finish your hand, and get up and go. 

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