Voluntary self exclusion
Game Break

If you’re finding yourself gambling too much and unable to dial it back, taking a Game Break might be for you.

Regain control
Online support
Online support

There are several great programs for people looking for tools to help them out wherever they are. 

Find support online
Resources for families
Resources for families

Is one of your family members showing signs of unhealthy gambling habits? Have a look at these resources for players of all ages.

Help a family member
Warning signs
Advisors and Gambling Support

Looking to talk to someone about your gambling habits? Advisors and counsellors are available throughout the province.

Get support
Resource library

Find information about your favourite games and other resources - available in numerous languages.

Find resources to download
Warning signs
Warning signs

If gambling is no longer a fun, affordable activity for you or someone you love, it's time to take a closer look.

Know what to look for
Speak to a GSA now
Speak with a GameSense Advisor

Our GameSense Advisors are just a click or phone call away.

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