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Top 10 #giftsmart stocking stuffers this holiday

Giving kids lottery tickets may seem harmless enough, but research has shown many adults with gambling problems started to gamble as young as age 10 and usually with lottery tickets. Of the many risk factors associated with problem gambling, gambling at a young age is one of the most significant. 

So, as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season gets underway, here are a few ideas for last minute gifts and #giftsmart stocking stuffers for the little ones in your life. 

  1. Retro games like Jacks, Rubik’s cube, yo-yo or marbles
  2. Play-Doh, modelling clay or Silly Putty
  3. Crayons, markers and a mini activity pad
  4. Mad Libs, kids magazines or a comic book
  5. Fancy rocks or gems and a magnifying glass
  6. Finger puppets or plastic figurines 
  7. Glow sticks or a mini flashlight
  8. Temporary tattoos or stickers 
  9. Kaleidoscope or bubbles
  10. Chocolate treats, gold coins or candy canes

Toys and games have an age-grading on them for a reason. You wouldn’t give a coffee machine to a toddler, or a sippy cup to your husband, would you? Keep that in mind the next time you consider buying scratch tickets for anyone under 19 years old.

#giftsmart and remember, scratch tickets are not for kids.

Christmas may be for kids, but Scratch and Win tickets aren’t! Be sure to #giftsmart.