Scratch tickets

From buying gifts to all the celebrations you’re bound to attend, the holidays are often the one time of the year we loosen our belts—and when it comes to gambling, we can sometimes spend more than we intend to.

Whether you find yourself at a local casino or on, balancing your time and budget with other activities is key. We’ve got a few tips and tricks you can use to plan ahead before a night out or to refer to when you feel like it might be time to take a break.

Our top 5 ways to find balance over the holidays:

1. Balance gambling with other activities
Shake it up a bit! Make your own decorations with the kids, check out a movie, meet up with friends, or settle in for the night with your fave snacks and holiday movies.

2. If you want to gamble, go with a friend
Taking a friend along with you will help keep it social and fun. After all, gambling is meant to be entertaining.

3. Set a time limit
It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re not thinking about it. Set your watch or smartphone to go off after a certain period, and when it does, you’re done. 

4. Set a budget
Like all forms of entertainment, gambling comes at a cost. Use the GameSense spend calculator to see how much you might be spending and set up a budget for your visit and stay within it.

5. Take a break
Grab a bite or coffee, or see if the casino has any holiday entertainment or other festive activities you can enjoy. The possibilities are endless!